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03/30/08 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

There is a secret to success. And there is no
getting around the formula.
To whom much is given, much shall be required.
The more you are given the more it is required that you
give, and the more you give, the more you will get.
God is a great investor. Like all great investors, he
puts his money where it is sure to grow.
What would you do if you were entrusted with
his investment? Do you help him double his money
by investing in someone else, or do you keep it
all for you?
God puts his money where it is sure to flow.
You are meant to be like the river. The bank
keeps what it needs to fortify it,
and lets the rest flow through it.
Earn money, keep some for you, let the rest
Keep only what you need, and then concern
yourself with the needs of others.
Don’t worry about how you will get
more. Not your job. Yours is simply
to help others. You help them, you will
be helped. It is law.
Be God. Be God for a moment. Who
would you be giving your money, energy, love
talent to. The one that keeps creating more
and more good in as many lives as possible,
or the one that enjoys all the good for them
selves alone. What would you do if you had
everything in this world to give.
To whom would you give it.
Be that person.


03/06/08 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Pick a word. An important word like truth, harmony, love, fear, shame, kindness, charity, humility, and study it for a time. Discover what the word means and what it means to you. Make the word part of your consciousness daily. I studied the word integrity for a year. It changed my life. What I understood about that word was that to have integrity is to be whole. It means that what you think, what you feel and what you do are all aligned to the same truth. I don’t like him ( what I think). I am nervous when he is around ( what I feel). He comes around me and I say ” hey! how are you, so good to see you.” Lacks integrity. Lacks truth. Lacks wholeness. We all do it in many ways. We are human and we are learning. But when you start realizing these things you grow into the ability to live in more and more truth and truth changes you. Truth takes you where you were/are meant to go. Truth is like life’s map for you.
Truth makes you who you really are. Truth is hard. Life is hard. But when you get to the top of the mountain and achieve the ability to live truthfully, you will know freedom. You will know love and you will know who you are and you will be closer to God.

The word I am working on now is trust. The lesson for last week was about trusting others. I will share that another time but it went’ well. The lesson this week was about trusting me. For most of my life I have not trusted my feelings. I have denied my intuitive knowledge. When I was a girl it wasn’t safe to know what I knew, so I imagined I must be crazy to feel what I felt. When I was a young women it was even more dangerous to know what I knew, so I found ways to suppress my knowledge through addictive and destructive behaviors.
Now as an adult, I have no more buffers. I want and seek the truth. Sometimes however, to embrace what I know to be true will mean a loss of some kind. I am aware that for so long I have avoided these moments of self acceptance in order to avoid the loss. This week I realized that it is ok to know what I know and to act on that knowing without apology or explanation. It is sad to suffer the loss but it is better than betraying myself.
There is a moment that I call the moment of keen intuition. It (God, the universe, my higher power) says clearly …” she is dangerous…. he doesn’t love me….. she is jealous of me….. take the 101 …. I should call her…. time for my pap smear…. “
These moments are moments of high connectedness and so often we dismiss them. You love your friend but to realize that she is jealous of you hurts, so you ignore it and stay in a friendship you have outgrown.
What is the harm? Less love, less growth, less you, less God.
You know what you know. You know what you know is true.
Act on your knowledge without apology nor explanation. Do not test or question, or play games with your truth. To do so is to say you are not sure. You ARE sure. You know what you know, and no one else can tell you better of different. Don’t even let them try. Truth does not need justification and cannot be argued with.
It is. You are.

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