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05/04/08 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I struggle with thinking I know best
for everyone else.
I do not.
I am not God, and I really have no
idea what is best for another.
I am trying to reserve my judgement
unless asked for it and even then to
offer it with the understanding that it is only
what I think.
On the other hand, I do not need to keep
those in my life who live in ways that harm
me, or who do things that I simply cannot
I no longer expect changes to occur except
in my own behavior.


05/04/08 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

What does it mean to live?
Life is growth.
Life is change
Life is love.
Life is work.
Life is a choice.
Unfortunately, life is not
black and white.
It is possible to live in the
gray zone.
The gray zone is when you
appear to be alive, but your
choices are oriented toward death.
Life is hard. It takes work.
Make a decision.
Do you want to live or die?
And know that there is only one
right decision.

And then, at each moment, ask
yourself, ” does this action promote my
life or my death?
Life decisions make you feel excited, joyous,
energized, expansive, generous, lovely, loved
and loving. They make you feel full and lifted,
beautiful, free, inspired, hopeful, and they orient
you toward change.
Life is change.
All living things are in the process of change
and growth.
Need I say that death decisions make you feel
contracted, shut down, angry, sullen, resentful,
tired, and hopeless.
Raise the white flag.
Surrender to life.
Give up all that shuts you down and know that
the changes ahead are changes born of love and
a desire for your fulfillment and freedom.
Life, God is a genius.. Choose them and
every door will open for you

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