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I recently shared a communication with a young women regarding her frustration with a boy.
Below, my answer, and my truth on the subject.
I only wish I knew, many years ago, what I know now.

As a woman you are art, beauty, joy hope, love, creativity, light, inspiration, sensuality, the truth, heaven and earth. You are the sun, the moon, the stars, You are religion.
A man is meant to adore, appreciate, delight in and protect you.

From a woman a man comes to know all the finer things of life. A woman is a man’s solace. She is his inspiration, his hope, his joy and his pleasure. She is his harbor, his library, his home.

You spend your time on you.
He spends his time on you.
You spend your money on you.
He spends his money on you.
Trust me, it is an even set up.
He gets what he wants, needs, and dreams of, and you are honored, protected and cared for as you should be.

The time you spend on you is actually hard work and the money you spend on you is an investment in both of you.
You are in a graduate program that is an MFA in all things Goddess.
You are learning about love. You are taking time to create a pleasant environment of home. You are investigating the laws of the universe, and caring for your body, soul, and mind. You are filling your heart with all the riches of nature, and bringing your spirit to a place of peace, joy, harmony, generosity and kindness.
He is to show appreciation for you as one would a Goddess.
He should bring little offerings to your door, create moments of ease and pleasure for you, lead the way so that you are safe, and celebrate you in all the ways that would honor you. And he should learn these ways.
A Goddess never, never worries about what a man feels for her.
A man’s job is to uncover her feelings, to court them, win them, and then protect them.
He should spend time studying your feelings because from them he will learn great truths.
It is imperative that you treat yourself like a Goddess, do the work of a Goddess, study the lessons that a Goddess would study in order to be a Goddess on this earth today.
This way you will be worthy of being treated like a deity.
Women are divine.
Live up to your sex.
You will then be honored as are the finest of your sex.

Needless to say, you should never seek a man’s attention.
You are a gazelle eating in the early morning light. You are a lioness scaling a cliff for food, you are a zebra running with power and beauty across the African tundra, you are a butterfly dancing in the light of sunset. You are alive and breathtaking and inspiring.
Would any of these creatures seek out a hunter?
And a man is a hunter.
And he needs to hunt.
Do not steal from him that the thrill of capture.
His prey is life.
And a woman is the embodiment of life.
Be life. Be alive. Study life. Claim life. Be tantalizingly alive.
And as you are hunted, dart, and dance, and shimmer, and laugh.
For once he takes you he will damage you just a little to make you his own.

Always run from the hunter and when you go down, only stay down if his song, his praise, his joy in your capture is equal to all you will sacrifice to be his.
Once his, your dance will not be the same. Your feathers will fall away, you will no longer know freedom, or the power of your entertainment.
He, on the other hand, will have at hand a Woman.

Again, make yourself worthy of being treated like a Goddess.
Spend time doing the learning in order that you may know love, and beauty.
Do the hard work required to understand what it is to live a good and truthful life.
Take the time to pamper, please, honor and reward yourself.
And when in the company of a man, offer to him generously of your gifts;
Do this by way of experience not lecture.
And then expect only that he treat you like the bit of heaven that you are.
If not, without explanation, with out argument, lift up and fly away.
Beauty, light, magic.

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