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09/13/08 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Feel a little weepy tonight.
Sometimes the past creeps up like a low cloud.
I am sitting in the fog of my past and it is
hard to see.
Is it not astonishing that nothing matters more
than the love of our parents, and that no thing
so devastates as the lack of, loss of, or the
misunderstanding of that love?

We are glorious and perfect and worthy and
yet we can sometimes be so tangled in a web
of past emotional misadventures as to not
know the truth that everyone else can see.
The hurtful attention ties us up as much as
the neglect. Both leave filaments of limitation
across the beating of our hearts.

It is so hard to be a child and at once, as an adult,
we know how very hard it must be to be a parent.
I have great compassion for those that raised me.
They did their best. They did their best. They
did not mean to hurt me, or to leave me empty.
And I know it is my job now to fill up the dark spots.
There is so much love in my world, and in yours.
We have love around us enough to repair the damage,
to fill the holes, to build the walls and to tear them
down, so that freedom can be the expression of the
truth that we are perfect, lovable, deserving, good and
It means the world to me that I can write to you from here.
Do not return to me that trust.
Pass it along to another.

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