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04/26/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I sit here crying as I listen to Susan Boyle.
What is it that makes that voice so inspiring?
It isn’t the one singing.
It isn’t the circumstance.
It is the spirit lifted from within her.
It is that in her voice we hear her hope and all that she needs to meet it.
She brings God forth.
God being truth and beauty.
Her dreams are met in her absolute willingness to be- to be as one before us.
What courage.
What beauty.
Do you see?
Do you see how it doesn’t matter?… age, body, hair, none of it matters.
We do not see one another.
We feel each other.
And what we feel of her is beyond super model.
It is goddess.
She is truly a beauty.
She is truly a gift.
She has broken and lifted my heart at once.
And she makes me feel understood in a moment in my life of striving.
Take note.
Take courage from her.
Take hope and take with you the knowledge that anything is possible at ANY TIME OF YOUR LIFE, if you believe, if YOU work toward your talent, and if YOU love you.
Go forth and conquer. You can do anything.
Take Susan Boyle with you.


04/10/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Whatever it is that is holding you
back, drop it, him, her.
Holding you back means making
you feel badly about you.
Walk away from limitation and
immediately you will feel expansion.
Try it.


04/08/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Time goes so fast.
So important not to sweat the small stuff.
Whatever it is, really, its OK.
Most of the big things get handled and all
of the little things appear to be nothing with a little
distance. Problems are like road signs- they tell
us what to do and they get smaller and smaller
as we move further and further forward. Everything
that ever happened to make me cry my eyes out is
now just a distant memory that has become part
of my wisdom library, or one that is laughable.

And as for health concens. I can’t feel tired without
thinking I have cancer. And then I go down the whole
road of fear gripping research on the computer and
calls to friends and and finally that hideous drive to
the doctors office only to have her look at me like I
am crazy…. “no, you don’t have cervical cancer.”
And I am crazy in those moments. Fear is a form
of insanity. And it is so convincing.
All of it is simply a distraction- the worry. It is
just a way of keeping you from being free.
Yes, it is important to get all the regular check ups
and concerns should be looked into, but we all know
when we are going off the deep end and the question
is why?
Sometimes it is hard for life to feel wide open and good.
Funny, when it is what we want. Freedom is lifting and soaring
up into the sun and fear is simply small and tight and dark.
Safer in the fear zone isn’t it? Even if it is a misery, it is
more protected.
Takes great courage to spread your wings and fly.
Must be done though to grow- and the acceptance
of freedom holds great gifts of beauty for you and your


04/07/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Need to say that again, a creative and inspired future is had by understanding and reworking your past. That’s how you do it. Have a good life, I mean. Our future as women is our creation, borne out of reworking all the stuff of our past, and any way we please.


04/06/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I am learning how important
it is to know our limitations as women.
We cannot be fountains of endless love.
We are human. We can give only what we
have. If you don’t take in, you simply can’t give
out. Take care of you first and foremost. Live
your life fully and out of that fullness give.
Do not be a wasted woman who spends herself
on others and leaves herself empty.
What some call selfish a wise woman calls
self care.


04/05/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Times like these are times that offer the possibility of great change. Trying times force the surrender
of ego and inspire unity, and therefore expansion. If your days appear to be uncertain, keep your mind open,
say yes to all new opportunities, show up and help, take an interest in that which is around you, do anything
happily to help others, and always be paid even if the pay is low. You are always a professional.
5 years ago I was babysitting, walking dogs, walking women, cleaning houses, garages, and organizing closets.
One day I said yes to helping someone at a flea market on a hot day in June for 15 dollars. The rest is history.
Say yes, stay open, show up with love and let go of all pre conceptions. GO.


04/04/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Thinking a lot about freedom.
Perhaps it is the spring and a feeling
of expansion.
Thinking about freedom of expression
and its value.
The first ingredient is always truth.
What do I feel. What do I want.
Who am I really. What do I want to
say, wear, own, go, do.
And we all know those answers. They
have been inside us all along. We know
who we are. Its the courage to live inside
our truth that is hard- what will others say,
think, feel? What if I let them down, hurt
their feelings etc and so forth.
Here is the thing. Your truth is all truth and
is harmless. Doing the best for you is the best
for all. Even if they don’t think so initially.
Truth is part of the good words. The good words
are peace, harmony, love, grace, generosity,
kindness, etc and so forth. The good words are
all good all the time. Trust in them.
First truth. Then Freedom. Life is
Freedom. Liberation. Expansion. Growth.
Truth is your Freedom hormone.
Lift up your arms over your head and say it even
in a whisper. I am free. To be me. Today.
Makes you smile, doesn’t it?


04/02/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I have been in a condition of soul silence.
Soul silence is when you are quiet internally
out of a need to sort things out.
I want to be on the phone a little less, to write a bit more,
to walk in the dark of the night and to spend time on profound
I am on truth. And the gift of truth in relationship.
So cancerous it is to lie in relationship- to lie
about one’s feelings. You are angry but you can’t
tell the other. You are hurt, but you don’t want to say
anything. You are resentful but you don’t want to make
waves and finally you pack your bags, you yell some angry
words over your shoulder and you leave.
The other is left baffled. They loved you. They thought you
were happy. They were left in the dark all along as to your
true feelings because you wore a mask. You were not honest.
You never really loved them, trusted them or felt that they accepted
you. And so you hid your true self- your emotional self from them
until you could no longer, and finally you left.
How wasteful and sad.
Give your relationships your honesty. If you aren’t doing that you don’t
actually have a relationship worth keeping.
Tell those you care about what you need, fear,
hope for, are inspired by, crave, hate, tell them…..who you are.
Let them have a chance to love you and to meet
your needs.
Relationships are like muscles. They grow if you work them out.


04/01/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I have been working on perfection. And coming
to understand the stress it places on me to try
to perfectly manage it all. I know I am not alone
and that many of us fight for the impossible every
day only to experience our own failure. We will
never be perfect. Perfect is a static condition.
It has no life in it, and we are wonderfully living,
breathing, hard working, generously giving, richly
dreaming, open, creative, loving, brilliantly
flawed women. We will no longer waste our time
on the big bore of perfection. We are perfectly
imperfect. and for today we will do only what
we need to be happy. Let us get it right for
ourselves for a change and let go of all the
requirements related to our labels: Mother,
friend, boss, employee, lover, girlfriend…
whatever. For today, just human being.
Here to have a nice day.

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