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11/12/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Fashion is never separate from identity. We are what we wear.
Today we are angry, tough, hard, warrior women with an overt and aggressive sexuality.
Cool. Fine. Fun for the time. It is a struggle out there. Warrior wear helps.
The counterpoint to this will be, or is, charm and romance. Both of these will also incorporate the much missed and loved mystery. Mystery has been on a rather long vacation and I am delighted to see its return. Charm and romance have been coming around a bit. But they are terrified of the warrior. Sometimes they will sneak under a leather jacket by way of a bit of lace, and other times
they might brave the back of a fashionista by way of a sheer chiffon bias cut floral worn with combat boots, of course.
Soon all three will make a grand return in full.
I love charm. I love women that are charming- Charm is anything pleasing, original, refreshing and genuinely feminine. The French and the English do charm very well. It may be a peter pan collar, the bow at the neck, the ruffle here and there, the dropped waist, sweet floral, elegant plaid, puff sleeve. It is more than cute. It is sexy in the most guileless way. It incorporates mystery, and it contains a quiet smile. Usually when we see a charming woman we grin. It has little girl in it but one that is sophisticated. Charm will take many forms- all of the above plus dots and stripes, and tiny plaids, mixed prints, folkloric elements and all that is French (Paris, Deauville, the wonderful south ) and of course, the English schoolgirl.

And I adore romance in all its forms and trust me that is where we are also going. We need it. A bit of poetry on the body always makes a woman feel divine- Romance will take every form from chiffon to lace, velvets, brocade, embroidery, the wench, the saloon girl, the sophisticated peasant, the maiden from all times, the dark and the light poetess, the lead in a film noir film. It will cover the south of Italy across many time periods- Shakespeare to Sophia Loren, Oh, can’t wait. Off the shoulder, bustiers, lifted and bustled skirts with petticoats peeking out, black lace, (all lace), chiffons, soft, sheer, florals, pastels ( yes, indeed, even I who have hated them for so long now see their value- they so flatter the skin.) Of course 40s influence, 30s cuts, 70s maiden. Won’t matter what the elements- there will be a broad range- but all of it will be romantic from the tussle in a haystack to a stroll through Rome. Aaahhh… makes you just love being a woman. Charming. Romantic and mysterious.

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