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12/30/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Before we resolve to better ¯ourselves
this coming New Year let us join in this offering
to ourselves. Repeat after me:

I love myself today just as I am right now.
I have no need for improvement.
I am perfect and acceptable. I am beautiful inside
and out. I am rich in spirit and touched by grace.
I am pleasing, desirable and lovable today,
and my ability to love and be loved exists in a place
of blessed invisibility.
I am in my smile and in my eyes. I am in my hug
and in my voice. I am in my touch and all that I create.
I will not wait for tomorrow to be loved.
I am here now, waiting with a poem for that
girl over there, waiting to be courted by the only
one that will win her heart… ME.
In all things, do unto yourself as you would have
others do unto you.
Happy NOW.


12/24/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

A tight feeling enters my chest, center and low.
The music makes me move, slowly at first and then
in a moment I am eyes closed, head down, and every fiber is in song.
Two seconds more takes me to praise.
Always, I am taken there to gratitude. I have come such a long way these past 6 years.
I am in awe. And I look across a golden horizon. I respect my blessings.
My heart is so full and I sit in gratitude and amazement.
So much beauty in my life.
So much love lives here.
I am blessed in joy, in kindness, in great expressions of creativity
from so many wonderfully talented, glorious, full hearted, questioning beauties.

I love you all, my girls.
You are my favorite people in the world:
seekers, ground breakers, creators, stand out creatures
of great truth. You live on the edge of life knowing that
the exploration there is as rich as it gets, and thankfully you find
your way to staying here, to loving here, fighting here, finally
knowing that who you are is glorious.
You understand that the greatest gift you have is your DNA.
You are one. You are unique. You have what no one has. YOU.
(You dress like no one else because you are
like no one on this earth.) You think on great things. You
fight for the truth. You reach toward others because you understand
brotherhood. And you feel deep within that you are here to do
something important. And you are. Women like you do important things
because only truth heals and inspires.
I believe in you. I value you. I honor you. And I look forward to your many great
forms of self expression.
My commitment to you in 2010 is to use all that I have to celebrate and honor you.
In all the ways that I can, I am going to lift you up.

As the years end draws near, focus your energy on this, make this your prayer or
I honor me and my future this year of 2010.
I resolve that in 2010 I will make every day a journey toward a greater sense of self understanding
and acceptance.
I will put my, This is who I am, ahead of everything.
I will risk it all for my truth.
I will walk away from all that inhibits my true self expression.

Stand on the edge of the cliff arms out, lifted high and cry out
your great. I AM. I AM. I AM.
Define, acknowledge and claim your stand, here and now. YOU ARE.
You are here, loved and lovable.
Life is good.
Love is great
And you are both.


12/19/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I had more than a few responses to my last newsletter. Clients I know well and who I love wrote to me of their losses this year. They shared their shock and their grief.
None pained me more than my dear client who lost her twins before birth at 6 months.
I shake my head, even now. How? How does a woman recover from this?
Where is God in these moments?
I will tell you.
God is here in me and you and in all of us who can reach toward those in need with love.
God does not make illness.
God shows up in the love we hold for one another with a kind word, a thought, an offering of hope and helps transform suffering into triumph.

Those who suffer are being offered moments of massive change, great growth and perhaps miraculous transformation due to the pain they are enduring.
Nothing is for naught.
The human spirit is like a piece of coal, and suffering cuts at the spirit until it has a diamond.
Trust me on this. If you are in pain, you are being fashioned into something truly extraordinary.
Just take it. Cry it. Scream it. Hate it, Love it. Surrender. Go there. Embrace it. and learn about love through it all. You will come out the other side GLITTERING. I promise.

Life is hard. To disagree is to be naive. Life is hard and there is pain and there is suffering.
But I know this. To the degree that you embrace all of life you will be made more beautiful, more rich, more wise, more loving, more real and more ready to help others.

We are not here unto ourselves alone.
We are here to help.
If you are in joy today. if you are in abundance. if you are in ease and hopefulness, your job is to pass that goodness along.
Always remember that your blessings will only multiply to the degree that you share them. Do not waste your good on your self.
This is the spirit of Hanukah and Christmas. Be God. Be a little angel. Go to give.

A smile gives so much. A hand to a shoulder, a compliment well spoken, a message of hope, time of loving attention, even holding high and loving thought is giving.

That is all.
That is everything really that I believe.
I believe in transformation.
I know that those in pain today will be those in joy tomorrow.
And I know that you keep the good you have by giving it away.


12/09/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I am counting the days to the end of the year, and then I
am going to let go of all that speaks of endings and loss.
I have been in mourning much of 2009. I feel as though this has been the
year of the burial.
I have buried so many ways, thoughts, behaviors, people and constructs.
On the one hand, flowers grow on graves, but on the other, I am tired
of sitting shivah.
I invite 2010 to be about birth.
I want pastels, hand made knits, ribbons, lace, frills, and flounce, girly hopefulness, silly sentiments, glee, delight, hugs and kisses.
I want letters that end in xox, ponies, flowers and smiley faces.
Give me a unicorn, an angel, a fairy princess and a bunny.
Thank you.
Yes. I will take them and celebrate magic, hope, fantasy and JOY.
Trust me, my little fashionistas- fashion will follow feeling.
We are heading toward fantasy, romance, femininity, and delight.
Get ready for pale pink, blue and yellow chiffons, velvets, lace,
and the extreme expression of whimsy.
We need it.
We deserve it.
Alice should live in a wonderland!


12/01/09 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

It is December 1st. Amazing. Really. Another year will be behind us in 30 days.
I think most of us will be glad to see 2009 end. There isn’t a person I know that hasn’t been through it this year. I have seen, and I have felt, gains, losses, total reversals, major upheavals, shock, awe and only bitter sweet victories.
It has been a year of high color- life with great intensity.
I know for me, this has been a year of refining my ability to stand in truth. Mine.
Who am I? What do I believe? What do I need? What do I want? What works? What doesn’t work?
I have answered these questions, finally, and with certainty. Some answers have created devastating losses and others, extraordinary gains.
All true gains have the losses they have cost within them.
And all truth is beautiful. The truth in saying goodbye to that which doesn’t work, the truth in saying hello to that which serves, both are heartbreakingly stunning.
And what is wrong with a broken heart? Nothing. Hearts broken are hearts with more room in them for love.

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