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04/02/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Happy Passover and Happy Easter.
Happy triumph over all struggles.
Fashion celebrates with brights and flowers and the softness now permitted
of pastels. Warrior wear is put aside, the fight is over, and femininity reigns again
with the courage of a new bud.
I am working on, and looking at the issue of respect
in relationship.
One pointed awareness is that everyone wants to be seen and to be heard.
And everyone wants to be applauded in his or her own theatre of life.
It is especially important to feel that those with whom we are most intimate
respect who we are, and that we truly respect them in return. This means that
we value what they say. We enjoy their spirit and we look to them as a place
of wonder, enthusiasm, awe, and understanding.
Simply put, “are you his or her biggest fan”? Do you love to watch them in their life?
Do you love listening to them? Do you wish everyone could know what you know…
that they are great, amazing, and valuable? and if not, are you willing to have
someone else play the part of “biggest fan” in their life? In all fairness, they (we) deserve
to be loved by and in relationship to our biggest fan, and
to feel that we are at least able to be important “at home”.
If you aren’t treating him like a King (or her like a queen) trust me on this, someone else
The need to go where the fan club is the most enthusiastic is not one of sex. It is a need
of the soul to feel understood. It is a need to feel that one’s life is truly shared in spirit.
Respect makes intimacy safe. it says, “I can relax here because who I really am is loved.”

That is all I have this week. I know it is loaded and that there are holes in the argument.
But, I will leave you with it as it is. You will fill in the blanks with your story, your world,
your life. And perhaps you will put your hands together for your leading man/woman, or
perhaps it is time to re-cast the role.

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