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07/24/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I have hours of work to do tonight and I know that only a bit of it will get done.
I have worked all day at the store, and I have shared time with JD on a great walk, and now, I struggle with all I have left to do on line.
I miss vacations.
I miss the days of youth when I would lie on the grasswith Mary Alice Morrissey and stare up at the clouds.
Our Mom’s would give us each a dollar and we would buy candy and a comic book.
We would sit back on the grass of the front lawn and we would talk about our candy barsas we ate them, and we would share in each other’s comics.
When we were good and full with sugar and stories we would lie back and intothe grass, and we would stare at the clouds and make shapes.
I see a horse.
I see a face, look over there, see it?
I see a plane, see that part? That is the wing.
We also spent time collecting apples.
We had four apples trees at the house in Manhasset where I grew up.
My mom would challenge us to pick up the good green apples and then Granny would peel them and boil them and we would soon have apple sauce.
Mary Alice Morrissey was my best friend. She and I played Barbie and pretended we were Betty and Veronica in the Archie Comic books.
I was always Veronica, the mean one, even though my personality was more Betty, the blonde sweet one.
Mary wanted to be Betty. So I let her.
I was like that.
I still am, really.

I miss the simplicity of days without agenda.
Do you remember the days of your childhood when it was just you and your bike and your best friend?
We would ride and ride until we were good and lost and then we would dream about how we might get found and finally we would venture a way home. Our afternoon would always end in the triumph of getting
found. We made it!!
Funny. Right?
We wanted triumph so we created challenge where really, there was none.

Petunia is asleep on my key board.
Literally, my baby new cat has her face just where F7 through F 11 live.
She is sleeping on my bills and receipts.
I want to be her.

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