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08/10/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

May I just say…… I can’t wait to be in NY this week. I know it will be hot and muggy and that I will be jet lagged most of the time, but I just love that city. I look forward to being in the store Wednesday and Thursday night. My time in that store is so easy. There is no back room work in NY. It is just meeting and greeting and chatting away. I love it. Truly, my two days in NY each trip are a vacation. ( Back in LA on Friday am.)

On Wednesday I am going to my favorite NY hair salon DopDop in Soho. I get my hair done by Melanie. She is lovely and easy and totally gets my look straight or curly. Doing a forties do these days. Very glam. Smooth, parted to the side and full waves.

I am also hoping to see my boyfriend who makes me my shoe inserts. God fell asleep somewhere around my ankles.

Its Ok He did a great job with the rest of me, but my feet need special attention and John my shoe man gives them just that. He also flirts with me like crazy and I just love it. I pretend to be all shy
about it, but I secretly love it.
He delivered into my eyes one of the best lines a man has ever sent my way. After I turned down his offer for drinks, he looked at me very directly, and speaking very slowly he said, ” I just like looking at you.”
Oh my God. Oh my God!!!
“I just like looking at you.”
Each time I repeat it to my self I feel like screaming.
Fabulous line, No?
I haven’t been back to see him since he said that.
I am terrified.
But I need some new shoes.
I am of course, going to get good and dressed up. No need to disappoint the man!!
And just for the record, JD knows. JD knows everything. I confess everything to him right away. It kind of ruins it all, but what the heck.
He’s my other half.
He doesn’t take it seriously anyway. He knows I make best friends in every grocery store, that every cab driver in Manhattan knows my life story and that if a man gives me the most casual bit of attention I may fall in love with him. At least for five minutes.
I adore my guy for this. He just knows me so well and he knows his heart is my home.

I am going on a great buy on Thursday that should allow me to bring back some wonderful vintage jewelry and other accessories including hats, bags and belts. Fingers crossed.

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