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09/22/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I have had to lie down after looking at the Marc Jacobs collection.
My world is collapsing. I want to give up living.
I can’t do anything. I have no talent, taste or hope in the shadow of this.
Why does genius hurt so so so much. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDUH!!!!!!
Oh My God. Really. Stunning, extraordinary work.
And then I think, ok, Marc by Marc. And AGAIN!
I mean…… oh… oh….oh…..ahhhh…… perfect everything.
And then I go back to Marc Jacobs and I have shaken my head so many times in awe and wonder that I have to bow it now.
How does he do it?
I wonder if he is hiring.
Seriously, these days, it has crossed my mind that I just want to go and work for a genius.
I want to serve a genius.
And he is one.
Both stores are abundant and energetic and the spirit is high.
I am in great awareness of the rightness of all things.
Surrender your small plans and say yes to the things that come your way. The road is never straight.
Imagine what a bore it would be if it were.
It is an adventure, life. A perfect mess of a brilliant adventure that always serves your highest good.

What is Now.

09/04/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Shareen Now is a site dedicated to all that is happening, all that is new and eye catching Now at Shareen.

Shareen Vintage is my style home, my studio, my place of creation. It is where I meet and greet the best and brightest, the coolest and most creative girls I know. They are smart and hip and talented beyond measure. Really, my clients are all successes in their way. You have to be a special girl to come all the way to me. By nature you must be a gypsy, a seeker, a rebel, an independent, a stand out person. And people like this generally succeed.

Success requires commitment to one’s individuality and to shop me, to wear vintage, you are more than committed to your unique style, you celebrate that very thing most in your self.

I will attempt here to share my world, my thoughts on taste, and the art of individual style. I will share all my favorite things, my hottest finds, my newest intuitions, and my clients, if they will let me. I will write to you of fashion and the making of fashion, and I will write to you of me and of my commitment to YOU

and the value of all that is NOW.

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