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10/26/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Boy it has been so hard to write to all of you.
I have shared so honestly with you for the last seven years and now I find myself without words.
I am confronting feelings that are too difficult to summarize.
I am in a time of great discernment.
I am working to uncover the truth on many fronts.
This process is one of silence and observation I am quiet and curious and very much in wonder.
I am witnessing my life as much as I am living it.
And I am trying to see where the plot lines are going.
What is the direction?
What part am I meant to play?
Not easy stuff, I can tell you.
There are many great stories for me to tell and many ways to tell them.
This assistant director is waiting for instruction.

I know to look for joy.
I am not sure where it is.
I stand at the back door each night and call out its name but I go to bed alone.
I am joy less and wondering.
I am in yearning and in wait.
I smile knowing that hide and seek is its favorite game.
Silly goose.
It wants my full attention and God knows to make me miserable until I spend all my minutes at play.
It will be there in the most obvious places, those that make me remember glee, laughter, delight
and the inner sanctum of the giggle.

In fashion today I am less interested in the false confidence of the rock star and much more in
the fragility of the poet.
I want ruffles and long flowing skirts, I want toes pointed inwards, peter pan collars, soft satin bows, bits of broken lace, and layers of crumpled chiffon.
I think curls are cool and school girl socks.
I think dirty nails are chic, the smudged eye a mystery. and mismatch of a piece of poetry.
I am not interested in polish nor in perfection.
I hate trend and anything that smacks of following.
I love the girl that ties a belt around her head and a scarf around her ass.
I love the one that puts it on back to front and upside down and lets the world stand on its head to admire the truth of all of her rightness.
Carry on, Gypsy.
Show them how it is done.


10/07/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Oh that the collections of Valentino, Kenzo and McQueen can all exist at one moment in time is all that I love about life. Literally. Charm, lady like, loveliness, at once with the mystery and the celebration of the exotic, along side outrageous and fierce fantasy.
Amazing, delightful, and so female all of it.
Any one of us could wear any of it, on any day and be ourselves. These three are the collections that reflect the complex inner terrain of the modern feminine consciousness.
I am a lady. I am exotic and I am desperate for fantasy.
I do not want to be sexualized, I am not cheap. I want little heels and lace and romantic collars.
I want my chair pulled out and to cross my legs just so.
I will blush under your intent gaze.
I am a gypsy, a rebel, a rich and textured tapestry of moods and dreams. I am not of this time nor this world. You will never know the fabric of my heart.
I am the queen of the land of the birds of poetry. I speak only in fierce cries that echo across the seas and lift up to fill the valleys I am all the sky needs for decoration and all you don’t know of the birth of a flower.
Valentino, Kenzo and McQueen. I am happy and whole and tomorrow I am going to remember to walk like Karly Kloss. Swish, swish, swish.
Lovely, free, and fierce.
Are we!

I laugh with the delight that only perfection allows.

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