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11/23/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

My hands are in my heart.
A bit of blood is falling.
No matter.
I want to know what I feel.

I am learning to chose curiosity over the fear
of uncertainty.
I want to know what is there in that magical kingdom
called my soul, and I seek all that might enlighten me now.

What if I told you that no matter what happens, no matter what you think in any given moment, no matter what obstacles are thrown in your path, I promise you, I guarantee, that you will meet your highest goals and achieve the greatest sense of joy you can imagine?
Think on that.
If you were to believe me, then no matter what happens you could be in peace about it.
It would be as if walking through a burning city would only be some thing interesting, You would be able to walk calmly believing that you would not only escape safely, but you would also make it up that mountain there in the distance. And you would know that there you will achieve your highest purpose and embrace your greatest joy.

If you believed me you might begin to walk through your days with Faith.
And this faith would sustain you in the face of anything that occurs.
This is how I live my life and how I have lived it for the past 7 years.
And in spite of any thing that has been put before me, any tests I have undergone, any losses or apparent failures, I have not suffered them much.
I have Faith.
I look ahead at the mountain as buildings fall and friends attack and money is lost, and love is threatened and I smile inwardly because I know that it is all OK. It is perfectly planned, and all is blessed, not just for me but for all involved in love.

Faith is not trust.
Trust requires proof and is earned over time.

Faith is accepted immediately and blindly.

Love is the seeing eye dog to all those walking blindly in Faith.
When you cannot see ahead, and you do not know…love will guide the way.

I know losses are imminent. I know sadness may come, but I hold it as my highest truth that the air on the mountain is clean, the view is lovely and I will arrive safely.

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