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12/31/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

What ever the last year, we are here.
We are here!!!!!!
We are alive and well and living on this planet, ready, willing,
and able.
We are loving and eating, and drinking, and sharing and dancing
and hoping and praying and ALIVE.
Raise a glass, shake a booty, scream your head off.
Seriously. It is no small feat.
You are here, now, and able to love.
So, we look at the past and give thanks.
And we look ahead and share in exuberant expectation.
Let us begin anew and again.
Let us resolve to do it differently and better.

I have been very happy recently.
I feel hopeful and excited.
I feel easy and right.
I am grateful for this.

I am singing in the car a lot.
And I am aware of little gifts.
I am loving the view to the mountains these days.
The lines are crisp and there is snow there.

I love this life.
I love the learning required to live life well.
I love how much I am challenged every day to be a better
human being.
I love it because it is so perfect and so right and so about
one simple thing.
Love is easy and love is hard and love is all there is and all that
stands in the way.
Give in to it and your way will be paved in gold
Resist it and you will suffer.
And so what?
Suffer. Enjoy.
Suffering has it’s beauty too.
I love the dark red of deep suffering,
Suffering serves.
Life is love, and joy, and ease and peace and abundance.
And I know that there is pain and struggle and death.
I know.
I am not unrealistic.
I know that everything, even death, is the best thing that ever has happened to you.
I also know that everything, all of it, is the worst thing that ever happened to you.
How you hold it, how it is experienced, is a choice.
Curiosity is very helpful
Be a curious human being.
Wonder about things.
Take time to study the things you do not understand and
know that there, in the mystery, is God.


12/31/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

In regard to fashion I am all about CHARM.

Charming, Darling; these are words that interest me.
At Shareen we are about peter pan collars and big and little bows.
We are about the classic length dress, both full and slim in the skirt.
I love the synonyms for charm:
“fascinate, captivate, entrance, enrapture, ravish; allure, bewitch.”
Yes. Excellent!!!
Note that the word sexy is not there but that it is implied.
This is the new way, my friends.
The overtly sexy is just not that alluring, nor entrancing.
It has become just old and out.
Have them say of you, ” She is charming.
She is just darling. She was simply bewitching
in that little dress with the bow at the neck.”
I like that.
Charm is for the girl that shows little of the very much that she has.
She knows her worth.
She knows her power as a woman.
She is coy, keeping a small smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye.


12/10/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I look back and think on the things and the people that got me through this year.
I celebrate their contribution to my life and my world by sharing them with you.
This is the best menu I can offer for good on many levels.

1. For advice on business, guidance and support in managing growth,
and for a keen eye in all areas related to business contracts and negotiations
Samira is an MBA, a successful entrepreneur and business owner.
She is my go-to girl when ever I need advice or direction.
She helps me earn more, save more, and grow more.
All good. All Samira.
Prepare for growth.

2. For nutritional and natural healing, and for all work on self that is based
deeply in science and fully lifted into spirit
She is not cheap, Neither are you.
Put the money aside. She will take you beyond your wildest in the most
sane and healthful way.
She supports my physical system, and works with me to expand my life
on every level.
Good luck hanging onto the negative. Not a chance with this one.
And prepare to meet your highest goals and to achieve your deepest desires.
Kiss the bad goodbye and point you to tomorrow.
Prepare for dynamic change and the most optimum heath.

3. For the best skin you only hoped for….. MARYAM.
I have been working with her for 10 years.
I swear by her system.
And frankly, I look 10 years younger than I am.
It is simple and natural and so easy. She sloughs off layers and layers
of my skin using natural enzymes.
The treatment is 45 minutes.
No peeling. No acids. No redness, No pain, No fuss. And glowing,
spot free, line free, plump skin is the result.
She also gives me something called Hormone Oil to use day and night on my face and neck. It is made of Vitamin A and Estrogen.
I can only say that when I use it my skin looks great and when I don’t, all hell breaks loose.
She is so affordable and she pushes only one product……
that happens to work.

4. Best private workout…. Mary O’Malley.
Oh my God….. angels really do live on earth.
This beauty has it all and then brings it all to me.
I am in such gratitude for her work.
My abs look amazing. My quads (I have quads!) are strong,
my sense of self is returning in full force and well, I am rocking jeans I haven’t been able to bend in for too long now.
Her workout is part ballet, part Pilates, part Gyrotonics
All I know is my belly is flat, and my ass is as lifted as my mood.
Good to go.

5. Music. Loving Lauren Pritchard
Little girl.
Big voice.
Beauty in and out with a beat that goes deep.
“Wasted in Jackson” is the album.
And a hot single belongs to the title.
She is undeniable and imminent.
I listen to her sing “Try a Little a Harder”
and I am inspired to write this.

6. Best “how to send a gift” discovery:
Shipe Shape USA
And as it relates to the holidays I love with
my whole heart….Tony’s Stocking.
This is a box shaped like a Christmas stocking that
you can stuff with little stocking stuffers and ship.
It goes through the mail like any other box and it arrives
bringing delight with it!

I know nothing but that there is change and that change
is life.
I know that holding on means loss and letting go means
I know that the river takes us either to fullness or to where
we can be of service and I know that the dam is only



12/03/10 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I realized today how good it is. All of it!
Life is stunning and rich and so worthy of celebration.
Celebrate the easy.
Celebrate the hard.
Celebrate the questions and the answers. B
e a happy idiot in full acceptance of “I Don’t know.”
Jump up and down as a question mark long enough for you to become an exclamation point.
Ponder something perfect that you will never understand.
This too is life and a source of great peace.
The perfect things you will never understand, these things that are divine, if not of us than of what?
I want to dance.
I feel so happy, as I realize that my “not knowingness” is actually my answer.

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