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01/23/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Don’t sweat love, my friends.

It all works out, and always for the best.

I am here in my new home.

It is my second night.

I have been eyes closed dancing in my empty living room.

I am in the experience of release, and faith is my dance partner.

JD drove the truck that carried my things here yesterday.

We checked on one another during the day today.

This evening we met to do some shopping together.

I need things like drinking glasses and a steamer.

He needs things like dining chairs and a sofa table.

We helped one another.

He treated me to some lovely coffee mugs and some

thank you notes.

The first will be addressed to him.

He had a party to go to tonight.

I had Bed Bath and Beyond calling me.

I want his happiness so much.

I want for him to find the love of his life.

And I will love her too.

He is a catch and a half. Who ever gets him now will be

damn lucky.

She has had me to break him in, and believe me, I know I have

done a superior job.

The bonus of walking in truth is that it brings with it energy,

clarity, and joy.

JD and I are both embracing these gifts and quietly in thanks

to, and for, one another.

For those of you who know me well and care, I am fine. I am strong.

I am going to work every day. I love my girls, my store and all of you

so much.


01/14/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

My husband and I are divorcing.

That is exactly how much we love each other.

We want for each other’s happiness more than we
need to stay together.
We are holding hands through our separation and
lovingly discussing our hopes for each other’s futures.

Yesterday we met with an attorney.
Afterwards we went for a walk.
JD put his arm around my waist.
I put my arm around his shoulder.
We walked in silence for a bit.
The sun was warm upon us.
” Will you help me set up my computer?,” I asked.
” Of course, I will", he said.
” Can I still list you as my emergency contact?”
I asked.
“Of course you can,” he replied.
He said, “Shareen, if either of us ever gets sick
we have to promise to be there for each other.”
I said, ” Make me the first call. I will always
be there for you. I love you Bun.” I said.
“I love you too, baby.” He replied.
We turned to face each other and there on
the street we held a long embrace.
We did not cry.
We are not losing one another.
We are gaining our full selves.

I will tell you that it is a sacrifice to go
through divorce with a soft heart.
Anger would be easier because it motivates
and drives you forward.
But to stay in love, to be in agreement, to
recognize the truth, to feel the loss and to
hold hands in the night still; this, my friends,
is beautiful and deeply deeply touching.
It is also going to provide for JD and I a lifetime
of friendship.

Ahhhhhh… sobbing washes the soul clean.
I will look pretty today.
My face will be relaxed and my eyes will have a glimmer.
I will be in peace.
Oh, I understand now the meaning of ” the peace
which passeth all undertanding.”
Do you see?
That is what God can do.

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