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02/23/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Everyday I try to get it right
And every day I fail.
That is what it is to be human,
I guess.
If I got it right all the time I would
be divine.
I would have no reason to be here.
Here is where we struggle and
Here is where we fall
And here is how we learn to love and to
Not just ourselves but others.

The best thing I can hope for is to know what is right and to keep
reaching for it.
The best thing I can hope for is to admit my failings and
to ask for forgiveness,
The best thing I can hope for is to forgive myself.
Right away.

When we experience a failing we feel
as children do.
A bit lost and a bit scared and often
an awareness of our own innocence comes
We didn’t know
We didn’t mean it.
We are left smacked with a feeling of shame
and then regret.

If you were a little girl and were standing
before yourself,shamed and sorry, what
would you say to your little self.

So important to sit beside the child in you.
So powerful to put your arms around her
little shoulders and to soothe her with your
understanding and acceptance.

Its Ok.
You are doing your best
You are just a human being.
And life is beautifully difficult
And love is painfully beautiful.
And no matter what, I love you.


02/11/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I took, today, a day of quiet, a day for me. Since before Thanksgiving I have not had one day alone. Today I embraced the blue of silence. Sadness has been knocking on my heart and I have tried to ignore it. To ignore a feeling is to ignore a child. It does not work. The child will win.
The feeling will overwhelm in many strange ways
if you do not give it time.

All week I have felt the visitor at the door and all
week I have darted away from it with work and people
and tasks.
Today I woke up crying.
The aftermath left me still, and even, and silent.
I did not push to happiness.
I did not reach for help.
I shut down the phone and listened to music and drove in quiet.
I ran my errands without words.
Sadness is a like a child. It needs to be held. It needs to be heard.
It must be felt.
And if you take it in fully, fearlessly, it will, within your heart
transform to happiness.
The truth is, I love blue. I believe in blue. I know that to wrap myself in it is to be thoroughly washed clean.
I understand that to surrender to it is to give way to the shifting tides of water.
There is not control in blue. Blue will take you away. It will do with you what it wants, and it will deliver you to the shore where rest is right.
If you can ride out the shifting tide, you will be delivered to a great and other place.
Tonight, I am washed clean, well traveled,
and I have visited with lands and natives that
have delivered me here now, inspired, hopeful and clear.


02/04/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

There are pink roses in my new living room.
They are in a tall vase.
This encourages them to hold their heads high.

There are tulips in my office.
They are in a short vase.
This allows them to dip just a bit.
They are such drama queens.
They make sadness beautiful,
while my roses make courage and enthusiasm gorgeous.

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