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03/13/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Walking I saw two young women heading in that urgent

way that young women do,

to their date, their concert, the event of the night.

They were so cute.

All dressed up.

Each one an original.

Shareen Girls for sure.

I smiled at them broadly.

I was proud of them.

I loved them.

Sweet things.

Trying so hard to be beautiful.

All the while they are gilding the lily.

Do you know what that means?

(To adorn unnecessarily something already beautiful.)

The Lily doesn’t need to be touched with Gold.

It is already too beautiful.

Don’t try so hard my lovelies.

You are women.

You are beauty.

You. Are. Beauty.


First thing in the morning.

Last thing at night.

And while you sleep.

You are art,

And truth.

And mystery.

You are creativity and joy and light.

And man is here to celebrate you.

And you are here to serve him.


I know.

But it is true.

You are here to be his Goddess.

(A Goddess delivers all the truths of God.

No small job, love.)

And he is here to honor you, praise you,

lavish you with gifts and he is meant to lay

his kingdom at your feet.

And, again, you are here to serve him up the

truth, the light, joy, happiness, peace, harmony,

and all that speaks of the miraculous.

You are his inspiration.

You are here to be his Goddess.

It is not a job for the lazy nor the cheap.

Woman. Take up your mantle.

Lift the crown to your head.

Behave yourself as you would like to be treated.

You can’t act like a ho

and hope to be treated like a princess.

You can’t act like a man

and hope to treated like a woman.

And what ever you do, do not try to be equal to


You aren’t equal.

You are better.


03/04/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

It is raining in LA
Seems it is “sunny and breezy” in NY
I am at the airport leaving
one system for the other

It can be such a jumble, life
Sometime it is good to leave
the stage for the audience.
There is a lot to learn from
the back row.

If you change your hair color,
you will not look the same no matter
the mirror.

Those thoughts were not random.

Does the caterpillar know that it will one day be a butterfly?

And as it breaks free of it’s chrysalis does it know any pain?

When the butterfly lifts and flys,

does it remember at one time that it was a caterpillar?

And will the butterfly ever miss having been a caterpillar?

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