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06/16/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I had a great acting teacher by the name of Warren Robertson.

He was as much a healer as he was an acting coach.

He taught me so much about life, energy, truth, and character.

I credit him for bringing me back to life.

I had been one of the walking dead.
My childhood and young adult hood had caused me to shut down.
Emotionally, I was very absent.
He helped me to recognize this and I began to fight for my life.

Our lives are not our day to day.

They are our force.

My life force is that which allows me to love and to give, to create and to achieve.

When this energy within us is overly contained it causes dis- ease.

It makes for a limited experience of the truth of you.

It is so important to realize when you are dead and then, if you have the courage, you must fight. Fight for your life.

Fight to be free. Fight to love. Fight to let go of all that has ever hurt you.

On the other side of the numbness is a glorious you and all that you could ever imagine being and more will be made yours.

You will know you are alive when you can laugh and cry freely, when your actions are truthful and uninhibited.

You will know that you are truly alive when you can really love another and be loved in return.

You will know when those around you are alive- full, bright, generous, thriving.

Like attracts like.

You will know when you are no longer begging for the love or life you need and instead celebrating all the love and life that you have.

Around 32 I went to see a therapist.

He was Joel Becker.

He looked at me for a long moment.

I held his silence.

Why are you here, he said

I didn’t know what to say.

And then quietly and unsteadily, I said,

I don’t think I know how to love anyone.

I have since worked with therapists, in groups, gone to meetings of all kinds, studied every great spiritual teacher and finally wrapped my arms firmly around God.

Every day I ask… show me what love is.

Show me what you want of my life.

Ask to be shown what love is.

If you knew what it was you would have it.

The problem is not in finding love.

The problem is in not knowing what it is you are looking for.

Ask to be shown.

What is love?

What do you want of my life?

Show me.

He has been kind in his revelations to me.

He has measured my reception.

If he had shown me love fully off the bat, I would have run to the hills.

I have learned a bit from everyone I have tried to love.

From JD I learned the most.

He loved me well

He was kind and present to me.

He healed me of a lot of fear.

I wish we could have gone forward together, but apparently we both need other lessons that neither of us are able to teach the other.

And only now, only in these months, do I see that perhaps I may be there. Ready. Willing. Able, and fearless to love.

I have never felt so free, so alive, so spirited, full and in touch.

I am in my life.

I am in my life.

I am here and ready to love and be loved.

Joanie asked me, How do you become fearless in love?

And thinking on it, I told her, Is the spring afraid to flow?

True love bubbles forth from fullness and is sourced from the most abundant place within you. Its supply is infinite.

True love is given fearlessly because there is nothing to lose.

There is only always to gain in the knowledge of love.

Love fully.

Love freely.

Love passionately.

Hold nothing back.

Tell him.

Tell her.

Shout your love from the rooftops.

Sing it.

Write it.

Cry it.

It is the most glorious energy, love, and it is free.

Be a puppy.

Do not be afraid.

Your love is yours. You can’t lose it. Ever.

And, here is the other thing… what ever you know of love today, tomorrow you will know more.

What ever relationship you are in today, if it should end, celebrate. Celebrate.

The next one will be better.

I promise you.

The next one will be all that the last was and much much more.

Love grows. It builds on itself.

Just as you would not go back to first grade today, you would not accept again the little love you were given. You will only accept the more that you want.

Finally, as you pick and choose where it is that you want to spill your joy, it is important that you begin with the word Respect.

Your love is gold and diamonds, and light and breath, and life. Life.

Give it only where you can say: this person is worthy of my riches.

I respect them.

I value all that they are.

As they are.

I believe in them.

If asked I would serve them.

Always begin with Respect.

It is the only thing that will work


06/03/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

How are you?

We ask it of one another every day.

Hey! How are you?

Your response is how you are.

My dear fried Eda told me of the guy that

works at her Trader Joes and that she loves

seeing him. She said that whenever she asks him

how he is he says, ” I am thriving”.

Amazing answer, No?

And I bet he is.

He is what he says he is.



It is for us to define ourselves.

And if you are just fine, that’s fine,

but I would wager that you would like to be thought of as better than fine.

You are fantastic.

You are amazing.

You are delightful.

You are hopeful and graceful and you are blessed.

Decide what you are and you will be that.


How are?

Imagine saying…. thank you, I am spectacular.

And if you are in struggle or sadness, or fear

itis beautiful too to be really honest.

You all have noticed that when I am sad, lost

or struggling, I let you know,

In admitting it I allow you to love me.

And you love heals me.

Tell your sisters how you are so that

they may celebrate or heal you.

As for me….. I have never been happier in

my entire life.

I am blessed beyond measure.

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