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07/31/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

My office is so quiet this cloudy morning.
The purple tree out side my window is more
glorious against this gray sky than on any sunlit
day and the bougainvillea is ecstatic in its fuchsia
Gentle yellow roses try to take my attention but
are lost in the face of purple majesty.
I look up and past my little garden to abundant
Eucalyptus and the celebratory Palm and finally
there, gray clouds part a bit to white.

Isn’t life just miraculous?
That I am here breathing, is a miracle to me.
I am breathing.
I have the privilege of being alive today to witness,
to behold, to receive these many miracles.
My heart breaks with fullness at my great good fortune to see this way……
the magic, the mystery, none of it is lost on me.
I know it is because I grew up
needing miracles and so I sought them and there
began a miraculous life.
Choose them.
See them?
Isn’t life miraculous?
Isn’t it so graceful?
We are blessed here, alive, now, today.

The Women's Building

07/23/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

We found this piece of writing on a hidden wall in the Historic Women’s Building where we shoot our photography and keep our offices next door to the Shareen Vintage Los Angeles store.

We were amazed by the beauty of this message and how much it still applies to women today.

We wanted to share it with you all:

We have such an organization as has never

before existed of women for women.

Women’s thought and sympathy have

traveled to us along the slender,

imperishable line of the thought railway.

Our building is like the terminal station of

a vast city, where the iron rails come

together from the north, south, east, and

west. The freight that our railway has

brought is very precious. The Exposition

will thus benefit women, not alone by

means of the material objects brought

together, but there will be a more lasting

and permanent result through the

interchange of thought and sympathy

among women of all countries, now for the

first time working together with a common

purpose and an established means of


on the occasion of the opening of the

Woman’s Building.

May 1, 1893

Read more about the fascinating history of the Women’s Building here:


07/22/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Walking by the sea with Melody
We spoke of Aaron’s grandmother.
She lived to 89, vital, playful, happy,
and healthy. A bad fall on Mothers day
ultimately cost her life.
I asked Melody how it was that she was so
energetic and healthy into her later years
and Melody uttered only one word:
Gratitude. She was always grateful.
She buried two husbands, a daughter and two
Grandchildren and she never complained.
She always said that she was lucky.
A grateful heart seeks good, is lifted to
joy, attracts love and sings a song of
The heart is your camera held
upon your world. It sees exactly
what it feels.
Be without complaint.
It is not interesting.
It only makes things hard,
and shuts the heart,
making only pictures
of darkness.
But a joyful song, a
song of praise stirs the
heart, inspires generosity,
and allows for growth.


07/12/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

In the store.

She is pregnant 7.5 weeks.

Full and alive and relaxed … a

neurosurgeon and gorgeous.

She met her man, on a plane.

As I did.

She told me of long distance and yearning.

She told me of knowing right away and of

an old fashioned romance.

She is beautiful, smart, inspiring and full with two lives.

You teach me too.

Samira visits smiling and lovely.

A joy.

I am reminded of her dancing

At Mandana’s wedding.

An eastern beauty with the arms of a belly

dancer. ( the simple delight of wrists

turned out )

You teach me too.

At the Olympic Spa in LA, there

to be scrubbed clean. and in the herbal bath

a gorgeous woman made of milk chocolate

moving to Japan to teach English

spoke to me of yoga and cutting off of hair.

Regal and proud and pure, truth is her

middle name… she and I sitting in a pool

of herbs made for cleansing.

we speak of how our truth will pull in the right

reflection in a partner.

I love her in less than 10 minutes and her purity

makes me love all the women there.

You, there, taking pumice to elbow and knees and feet.

Your diligence inspires me.

And the woman there eyes closed in a swirling sea

with a nose straight and stormy, what prayer

do you whisper?

And there, women wrapped in towels sleep, rest, on wood

blocks and together two giggle… in poignant sisterhood.

And one rubs me clean with salt scrubs and another,

smiles at me while I dress and I drive home… rested in

a feeling of all goodness.


You are all, as your are, undeniably… stunning.

And you teach me too.


07/02/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

My friends.
Love has come.
I didn’t know.
I didn’t know,
that it would be this way.
Tears spill from my full heart

Many years in a cage
The bird released
Flys up and up and
over the sea, and kisses the
mountain tops.

In her bright yellow dress
She dips and lifts and cries
her song of love and joy.
She looks kindly upon all and
blesses her land.

If strings tie your hands,
Use your mouth and free
If “no” is too often on the lips
Do not kiss them.

Take only “yes yes yes” to all
of you.
Take only desire and
acceptance and adoration

You are, I am, We are worthy.
And we are shameless.
And wanton.
And juicy.
And we must find that right place
to give all.

If kisses are too short,
And words too few,
If laughter lacks and
passion is only to anger
dance away, light girl.
Dance away

You are worthy.
Of hours of kissing and
Days in bed
and giggles that spill free
and a dance floor lit with
the golden light of his joy.

Look for he who would be you if
you were he.
And take to your knees. Love
To adore him.
To adore him.

Wash feet.
It is kind.

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