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10/06/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

In the quiet of the early morning I heard the drop drop
of rain on my window sill.
In the white of my bedroom I lay bundled against the
first cold.
This morning I turned the heat on for the first time
and reached for sweats and a long sleeved tee.
My feet are no longer bare.
Fall has arrived with tears in its eyes.
Today the sky cries for lost summer days,
sun dresses, sleepy dogs bellies down on cool
grass, drowsy kittens tucked into the shade,
and us at the sea bravely knowing our new love.

In the quiet of my office I sit this dark morning
the lamp much needed light.
Out my picture window the picture is grey and
soft and I can see the rain.
It is good of nature to give me this shelter.
The energy of sun so often distracts and pulls me out.
But this morning I am in and in, and in for the first
time since Winthrop.

I sit in a silence and listen to my heart.
Though my eyes look upon the hills
I see far away and into a great distance.
The spirit is a vast and fierce landscape.
There is no trek across any land that holds a greater reward
than the journey across that light and ephemeral terrain.

The doors are open and the windows flung wide
and you in heaven are not so far away today.
As the sky gently weeps I am with you.
I press my cheek to yours and smell your breath.
I feel you smile upon me now and I reach to kiss
your neck.
I am with you and your hand is upon me.

There is no death.
There is only life
And one shared breath.

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