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11/26/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Warm coffee by my side.
The sound of my dryer.
Sun light spilling into the office.
The morning is good.

In the other room my new love
reads the paper.

We are crossing many bridges together.
Some things I have learned:

When you drive across a long suspension
bridge, drive in quiet and enjoy the view.

When crossing a stream on a small wooden bridge,
skip and laugh.
Dance if you wish.

But if the bridge is made of rope and hangs high above
a canyon, take it slow and hold the guard rails.
If you get terrified stop.
Sit if you have to.
And tell the truth.


11/03/11 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I meet us everywhere,
we the women who work hard,
serve others, care and create and perform,
heal and inspire and do and do and do perhaps too much.
We are responsible and committed.
We are focused and conscious.
We return our mail and our calls,
take an interest and show up, and we give,
and give and give perhaps too much.
At the end of my bar method class we lay on the mats.
The music shifts.
A hard driving beat slows and softens and the room
fills with piano and violin.
Our heart rates slow and our minds let go.
The world falls away.
Together we sigh into a great stillness.
And we hold a singular silence.
In these moments there is nothing to do, nowhere to go.
We are finally in attendance to our selves.
For women about the We this is a moment of Me.
From this place of reunion I opened my eyes.
I turned ready to put my mat away and took in my neighbor.
Her eyes were still closed as tears
spilled onto her cheeks.
She then took both her hands to her face
and held them there.
I watched her breathing into her hands,
As one would into the neck of a loved one too long gone.

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