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02/24/12 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Do not be
One of the foolish
You think you deserve

It’s all a gift
Dumb, dumb.

We are nothing
And no one
And unimportant.
And all the gifts you have
Can be taken from you.
And what ever impact
You are making
May be diminished
And made obsolete.

It’s all a gift
Our day to day
That you stepped out of bed,
A gift.

Bow down.
And if you are permitted
To stand straight and tall
And if you are free

Throw your arms around his neck.
Take her hand,
Hug harder.
Kiss longer.
Only fools assume tomorrow.


02/08/12 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Oh little girl
With the pout on your face
Who asked you to go
When it was stay stay stay.

Oh pretty girl
You’ve lost your glow
Why did you say yes
When it was no no no.

And why do you give
When you want to receive
And why do you stay
when you so want to leave.

And dont you forgive
if you just can’t forget
There’s no need to be friends
When there’s still such a debt.

Oh little girl
Come back in the door
There’s nothing out there
for you to explore.
Its all here and here and
deep inside.
From your gorgeous heart
there is nothing to hide.

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