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05/18/12 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

The morning was long and quiet.
Love miraculous and true.
The birds sing their good day
And the gull speaks of the sea.
Michael is under my arm
A tear rolls into my ear.
My heart opens
And from it flies a hundred moments
Of love I have carried with me.
They dance on the ceiling

Simple things.

Simple things.

Petunia in the sun,
My hand on her belly.
Melody’s profile, regal and fine.
She is carrying twins.

Joanie’s good morning.
Her entire spirit in it.
And how she skips out of the blue.
And little Erika C
With her perfect red lipstick
Clapping her hands together with laughter

Cameron’s hand in his hair,
And how he tips his head back.
Rie pretty in a prom dress
Smiling so fully a smile of self acceptance.
My sisters brown hands,
Fine and strong like her

Dora standing before me
Her soft strength
Erika V so present
Looking at me with so ernest
a gaze.

Our cross dressing friend
And how he too wanted pretty dresses.

Oh love.
Oh love.
Simple simple things

Phillippe walking so tall beside
me in Larchmont.
And how he listens to what I don’t say.
Sweet Madeline crying with gratitude.
Her face red with newness.
Yes, life is so good.

And Natasha in her cape with leopard trim,
Hopeful and eager
And little Lucy’s red cheeks framed by curls.
Kristen walking away graceful in grunge.

Simple things

Heart breaking
With fullness
And gratitude

Michael is under my arm.
A perfect miracle.

Thank you God
For love strong and true
And for bringing back to me
so many moments of you.

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