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08/30/12 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I put my hand on her back.
It was wet.

Around her neck was a Yankee Stadium lanyard.
Her eyes were closed, her head down.
She was collapsed against a restaurant window
on Seventh Avenue and 44th street.
The passersby passed by in dozens.
I was almost one.

I gathered her up and brought her inside
the Au Bon Pain.
They allowed me to let her rest on a banquet.
She lay down and pulled her legs up toward her chest.
She clutched her stomach.
I sat beside her in the crook between her legs and
chest and put my hand to her forehead.
I pushed her dyed red hair from her wet face.
Young Korean girl.
What happened?
Her pink water bottle.
A little black knapsack.
I took her in lying eyes closed under my hand.
How did you come to be alone in New York collapsed
and broken on the street?
I put my fingers to her pulse.
I rubbed her back.
I looked at the man who had helped me bring
her inside.
“Call 911. She needs a doctor.”

The police arrived first.
The big officer screamed into her face.
“What is wrong with you".
My heart went to my throat.

I sat beside her still. My hand on her back,
My other to her face.
I looked at him. He looked at me.
He seemed annoyed.
“I couldn’t leave her on the street".
He nodded. “Yeah. Yeah” .
And into his walkie talkie….. “I need a bus here on
44th and 7th….” He shook his head and sighed.
I looked into his eyes and said, ” Its the do unto others thing…… you know?”
“I know. I know. You don’t have to tell me lady.”

She moved to the edge of the banquet and
began to vomit.
The woman standing by watching said to me,
“Watch her head. She’s going to hit it on the table.”
I put my hand between her head and the table and pushed
the leg with my foot.
I let her vomit the nothingness within her.

I took a brown napkin and wiped her mouth.
And then her limp little hand.

The EMT arrived. A man and a woman.
They asked me to move away.
As I got up she reached for my hand.
I can see it, still, her hand reaching for mine.
Empty until I took it.
She patted my thigh and then her back.
She took her fist and hit my thigh and then her back.
I sat again and patted her back.
Every one watched.
I patted and rubbed her back and looked with
pleading eyes at the EMT and said, “She is
having lower abdominal pain. She needs her
back rubbed.”
The officer said, ” Ma’am, you have to let them
do their work now.”
I tried to speak but I choked on my words.
I excused myself to the rest room.
There above the paper towel dispenser and against
a dirty beige wall, I put my forehead.
And I cried.
I cried for reasons I cannot explain even now.

We are all one woman and one man.
It’s the do unto others thing.


08/03/12 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Rules on change:
1. Humbly admit that you are stuck
2. Talk to everyone you know and everyone you don’t about what it is you want to change,
or how it is you want to grow.
3. Follow the advice given.
4. Say yes to every opportunity offered you even if you don’t see the connection.
5. Be curious always about the connectivity of all things.
6. Whenever or wherever you find yourself confused exercise steps number one and two.
7. Hold YES in your heart, and keep all that say NO away from that dear space.
8. Lift your chin up as often as you remember and whisper “Thank you.” This is the most important step.

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