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12/14/12 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I am loving the cold gray
mornings of late.
Waking, I stay long bundled
against the chill,
my bed a delicious protection.

This morning I know no longing
and no fear.
For the first time in too long I am
in no hurry.
I have been working hard and managing
much. My hands have been in
the garden of my heart,
and from my toil is now the evidence
of fruit.

As I rest today, I have this to share:

In times of fear,
when you are challenged,
go the other way.
Make the contrary choice.
Take the bold step out.

Define the forces in your life.
There is no prize for those
without judgement.
Be judgmental.
Under surveillance,
Under consideration.
For the short run,
For the long run.
Open to exploration.
Absolutely Not.

In matters of the lives of others,
stand by, witness, listen,
and be reverent.
The way made for them
is holy.
God does not need your help.

Be fierce in your convictions.
Know thyself.
Self knowledge is like having
a bouncer at the door of your
It’s your party. Keep the players,
and the poopers out.

In love, go with the soul.
Forget trying to work it out.
Your mind is a feeble aid in matters
of the heart.
Go where the passion is.
Go where it is undeniable.
Even if it doesn’t work out in the long
run it is where you have the most to learn,
and where you will stay to learn it.

Above all else, hold
it in your heart that it is all right.
It’s all right.
If you did it, if you chose it, if
you went there,
it’s ok.
Our stumbling, fumbling, imperfect
way is perfectly so,
and if there is any perfection to
attain, let it be in joy.

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