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04/19/13 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

In times like these,
Your heart may feel heavy.
It is impossible for, the open
Hearted not to feel the shift in
Energy that has occurred.

In times like these,
Pray actively.
Prayer is not just thought
It is spirit sent and actions taken.
If we pray for those in pain,
For those suffering, for those
In shock, and yet do nothing to
Relieve pain, to comfort and to enliven,
Then we have not contacted God.

In times like these,
Reach out.
Make that call you have put off.
Pay that visit.
Turn your regrets into gladness.

In times like these,
Be kind to yourself.
In all things choose the action
That will make you feel free,
delighted, and at ease.
Practice compassion and acceptance
On yourself.

In times like these
Make the most of what you have.
We have all been given so much
And waste our time asking for more.
It is a form of creative laziness and
comes from a need for distraction.
Look into your heart.
What you want is already given.

In times like these,
Express gratitude fiercely.
For those who have been maimed
Run, dance, jump, touch, create.
For those already returned to
Spirit join them
In peace.
For those who are suffering,
Find joy and celebrate

The only antidote to fear
Is love
The only antidote to evil
Is joy.
The robber may take from the
Body and he surely lives in the
Mind, but the heart, the spirit
Is ours and this we must guard, and
Never surrender.

The war on terror is fought
Within us each every moment.
There is only love and fear.
One is real and the other a phantom
Meant to inhibit you.
Intended to limit you.
Know where your fears live,
And turn away from them with your love,
Laughter and gratitude.

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