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07/13/13 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

The rain is quiet
and makes the morning soft.
I tip-toed out
and into the garden.
The wet was good on
my soles.

In the small concrete of my
sweet backyard
an apple tree lives
and today I see it is bent over
with the weight of its fruit.
Gorgeous little apples,
green and pink
and then the red ones
ready for picking.
I am impressed with it.

And on my fence
I looked to see grape leaves,
wet and slick.
Were they there last year?

And like a great surprise,
better than a birthday,
hiding under big leaves
I saw a bundle of jewels
in bright green, perfect and healthy
and the artwork of a genius.
My vine has made grapes.
Gorgeous fat bundles of them.
This has made me happy.

I am touched by the modesty
of a small little apple tree
in an uncelebrated back yard
bent over with abundance and
humbled by its creativity.

And I am moved by a vine
reaching and wrapping
around a fence
that runs along a path rarely walked
and how private it is
in its delivery of perfection.

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