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09/26/13 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Were we not friends?
Did we not laugh
And whisper
Were we not friends?

I remember
When we met.
You were angry
And I understood.
I welcomed you to my
Because I wanted to dress you
With warmth.
Your name was Joy
But then, you had none.

Were we not friends?
You cried and told me
You loved me
And wished we
Could share Paris.

We raised
Baby kittens.
Mine was Henry
And yours Obediah.
We held them in our pockets

And I remember
how you cried when he died.
I was sorry it was not
Because I loved you
That much
And wanted your kitten
To live
For you.

Were we not friends?
Were we really not?

We had no courage
And this is what it takes
To stay
And fight
And be mean
And be silent
But still in love
And friendship.

We were friends.
We were.
And still
I know you.

A life must not be filled with
We must work to keep
The love in bodies here
As long as it is.
The time for
Missing is
Not yet.

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