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08/05/14 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

It was good to see Melody. She is medicine for my soul. She gives even by her presence alone, such is the integrity of her being. Some women shine a light so clearly upon you, as for you to see yourself under their love. The gift you take home is not so much the love they give, but the awareness of the love you have.
Driving home the distance of the length of LA, I dreamt of a fine future. I thanked her for allowing my mind flight. She does not waste our time on the past and things we cannot change. She does not draw us into argument nor debate. She sees me as whole, and lets me be. In her eyes, I see a picture of myself I recognize and can honor. Like this, she gives a gift of acceptance to me.
This morning I see her managing her beautiful little girls, two at two, as they are twins. God is a genius. He knew one alone would spill her love out. It would take two together to know her.

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