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09/06/14 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I will not be shamed
for loving
as much
as I
am able.

Your “too much”
my “barely enough".

I will not be hurt
your heart
had no
room for me.

I walked in
full hearted.
I have walked out
fuller still.

Can you not see
it spilling from
my eyes
that which
I had
to take back
with me?

I will not
have your
for the humanity
of my painful
There are
no bruises
on my

Who needs a head
tilted to one side
when a dance
in the end zone
is in order?

is better
and right
and honoring.

How dare you
assume my vulnerability
when for me to love
Like this….
Like the tide rising
Like a dog panting
Like a cat wailing
And a woman
head back
is to embody the
of my strength.

I do not want
your sympathy
when I am not
at all hurt
but so ripe
on the vine.

I am not
at all bruised
but softened
to sweetness.

And always
a table set and
a door open.
a bed well made,
and a laugh to carry
You up and up and free.

Yes, girl.
Love like a maple tree

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