01/23/14 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

Life is so much quilting.

That was when I met that girl, and that was when I had that internship I hated.
And there is that guy who broke up with me, and then the loss of my grandmother.
And prom, and my first kiss, and there is that day I met my lifetime best friend.

And that is the dress I never really liked, which cost me that job, which made it possible for me to end up there, and that changed me forever. And there is the darkness of a winter, complicated and cold, the summer I risked to go to France, and there is that fall I learned how to dance.

And little did I know that because of that class, I would meet her, that woman who sent me to meet that man who healed my mind. And he helped me to be who I am, and showed me that it is safe to mix prints, and that I could take it all and put it together any way I wanted to become this me, beautiful and textured and fascinating and unique and a map for others to follow.

As a whole, it all makes sense, and I see now that the hard times are for those, that under this, the quilt of my life, may know warmth.

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