07/20/14 | by Shareen [mail] | Categories: downtown girls

I look at a pine tree shimmering
Each needle dressed in light
And gently graced by a breeze.
It bows and dances and kisses the air
For me.
And this yellow oak made bright,
Each leaf turned open and upwards,
like hands lifted in praise of the sun.
They are breathing.
These leaves are breathing.

When I auditioned for the
Actors Studio in NY they had my scene
partner and I wait in the back courtyard of
the little theatre on west 44th street.
I stood in the center of the small concrete
space and there to one side was a yellow tree.
Until our names were called I stared into the tree.
I looked into the tree and shared its breath.
I grew so quiet and so still but something else
happened too.
I entered the realm of the miraculous
because I joined the miracle of the tree.
I became awe. I became beauty. I became
creativity because I entered grace.

I can still see my first moment of work there
as our scene began and it was everything
I was. The work was beautiful because I took
the miracle of the tree with me.

See something of beauty.
Look deeply.
Take it in and with you
that your day
may be graceful.

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